How to Utilize all of Google’s Software for Your Website

Google plays a significant role in helping websites rank better. This is made possible with the help of available Google’s software or tools. Examples of these tools include Google My Business (GMB), Search Console Integration, Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and many others. Together, these Google tools or software can help generate the desired traffic to your website. Read on to learn how you can take advantage of Google software to make your website stand out from the rest.

Google Software for Your Website

You can use the following Google tools to establish your website, enhance your online presence, and stay on top of search results:

1. Google My Business (GMB)

More than 100 billion searches take place on Google on a monthly basis. This means some of these searches can be performed on your website if only you take advantage of available Google tools to make it visible to a broader audience.

If your website is not discoverable by those accessing Google, you may end up losing out on many opportunities. But the good news is that the presence of Google software such as Google My Business can make it easy for your website to be featured on Google+, Maps, and on search engines. Therefore, pay attention to GMB, to make your business discoverable by those performing searches on Google.

2. Google Analytics

If you are running a business website, your ultimate goal should be to attract more audiences while generating more leads. Bear in mind that your website is the only reliable source from where your customers can get to know your products and services. This is usually the case if you are involved in online services. So, you will be happier whenever you realize that leads are flowing consistently.

However, to find the exact source of this much-needed traffic to your website, you need to consider Google Analytics. This software can help you achieve this goal as it is a free tool that provides vital information about those accessing your website in real-time.

You just need to find some time to study and familiarize yourself with how it works to get some useful insights. In case you find out that getting business data from Google Analytics is proving to be technical, you may seek help from the web design company that manages your website or experienced web developers.

3. Google Forms

Even though people are frequently using Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides, only a handful have discovered the importance of Google Forms. This wonderful free software is not only simple but also powerful enough to help you collect important data using online forms.

Google Forms can help you maintain sales leads, take short surveys and conduct interview tests among other tasks. In your case, you can utilize it to collect customers’ feedback whenever they access your website. The best option of getting customer feedback is by creating a google review link on your website.

4. Keyword Planner

If your website is meant for advertising goods and services on Google, then you might consider using Keyword Planner. This software is designed primarily to provide an estimate of budget and search traffic.

The use of Keyword Planner in AdWords can make it easy for you to find out the exact keywords that some internet users are using on a given search engine. For that reason, you can use this software to slice and even dice data based on gender, interest, mobile device, and geography.

5. Search Console Integration

You can use the Search Console Integration to analyze Google’s organic search results for your site in Analytics. For example, you can use this software to know where your website is ranked in Google’s search results.

Search Console Integration can also show you which queries lead to more clicks, and how these clicks translate to user experience. In simple terms, this software helps you know which landing pages engage users the most. Most importantly, it helps work out the number of users that convert.

6. Google PageSpeed

Google as a search engine enables your website to quickly load up. By doing so, Google helps enhance the visitor experience directly. Thus Google helps you optimize your website by introducing several handy tools that come under the software name PageSpeed.

This free tool enables you to easily point out possible problems that might be making your website slow down. At the same time, GoogSpeed suggests possible ways to correct the errors within your website. Once all these problems are solved by GoogleSpeed, your website will start to experience faster loading pages. Consequently, your website will rank better on the Google search engine, making it easier for your target audience to access it.

7. A/B Tester Tools

Also known as A/B testing software, this tool helps perform test versions of websites including digital experiences in a bid to promote the most desirable outcomes. Usually, web developers and marketers turn to A/B testing software to deploy different digital content versions such as images or calls to action.

Also, developers use this tool to track down the variation that encourages more website visitors to convert. With that being said, you may take advantage of A/B testing software to improve your website’s conversion rates. Alternatively, you can use this tool to engage a number of visitors that usually interact with your brand online.

8. Google Workspace

There is no need to use costly productivity solutions to provide support to your operations. Instead, you can turn to Google Workspace as an affordable alternative. Formerly known as G Suite, Google Workspace provides a streamlined suite designed for web-based office programs including the collaborative service and cloud storage.

Google Workspace consists of Calendar, Gmail, and Drive, which in turn includes the Sheets, Slides, and office apps Docs. All these platforms offer mobile and desktop access, Google-backed security, and offline support to your website.

Final Thought

Several Google software can help boost your website, generate more reviews, and improve your online presence. All you need is to utilize the right tools and everything else will fall in place much to your delight. With this software in use, the possibilities of making your website stand out from the rest are endless. For more information on how to utilize Google software for your website, visit today.

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